University of Pittsburgh

Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill
Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill offers something for everyone.

If you ask a Squirrel Hill resident, they will reply that their neighborhood is the best in the city. Perhaps biased, but they do have a lot to brag about. It’s safe, commuter friendly, and it has Murray Avenue, where you can get groceries, a good book, a haircut, a beer, or one of five buses to campus.

If walking or biking is your style, then going through Schenley Park makes the trip pleasant. It’s an old Jewish neighborhood with lots of culture and plenty of interesting people—great for families or students looking to avoid the loud party scene.

It’s a touch more expensive than some other neighborhoods, but with everything you need within walking distance and such a great atmosphere, it’s worth it.





Health and Wellness


Average rents graduate students pay:

    Studio: $485, avg. utilities $80
  • 1BR: $630, avg. utilities $75
  • 2BR: $775, avg. utilities $95
  • 3BR: $980, avg. utilities $150


  • 61A, 61B, 69A (All continue down Forbes)
  • 61C, 61D, 61F, 59U (All go down Murray, the 59U also goes to Waterfront and to SouthSide Works)
  • 56U (Heads to Greenfield after turning right onto Beacon at Wightman)