University of Pittsburgh

Spring in Pittsburgh

Make Your Match

I’m sorry, it’s hard to hear you over the sound of the bees buzzing, the flowers bursting, and the din of people eating outside in Schenley Plaza.  Oh?  You’ve been admitted to Pitt?  And a bunch of other places too?  Well congratulations!  That is great news…but we’re a little busy right now.  School ends around April 30, so there’s a big push to wrap up the semester’s work, and then, there is still a good month of gorgeous spring weather before summer’s heat arrives.

Weighing Your Options

So you might be feeling a little alone…with all of us occupied, you’re out there on your own, making a decision about where your future lies.  It can be a difficult decision—in addition to the academic factors, geography and financial aid are just as important.  The fact is, only you can weigh all the different aspects of the decision to make your perfect match.

Spring Awakening

When the breezes off the river start to carry the scent of spring, Pittsburgh awakens from its winter slumber.  Boats get in line at the South Side boat ramp, restaurants all over town open their roof decks and patios, and the old-fashioned frozen dairy stands that dot the landscape start up their soft serve machines—like Page’s Dairy Mart at the intersection of East Carson and Becks Run Road between the South Side and the Waterfront.  Mmmmm.

Get Your Delicious On

Once the growing season starts, then Pittsburgh’s location in the heart of rural Western Pennsylvania really starts to pay dividends.  Citywide farmers markets start up, providing cheap, delicious produce.  There’s even a guy who sells his amazing salsa at the markets—you must try the roasted tomato and the mango varieties.  Splurge on his homemade chips—so good.  Restaurants all over town use the local bounty to create really delicious food.  From Gypsy Café and Café du Jour on the South Side, to Café Zao downtown, to Point Brugge Café in Point Breeze, more and more restaurants are buying locally grown fruits, vegetables, and meats.  The Big Burrito Group, which owns many Pittsburgh faves like Kaya, Casbah, and Umi, was a pioneer in buying local.  And lucky you—if you join Pittsburgh as its newest citizen, you get to eat the benefits.

Nature Nurtures

The two big parks close to campus—Schenley and Frick—draw in everyone needing to breathe in the scent of new growth, and start the best kind of exercise: walking in the woods. With dedicated areas for dogs, a mix of paved, gravel, and dirt paths, and a landscape designed to draw you in deeper, away from the city, Schenley and Frick Parks become beautiful islands of peace during spring—and it lasts all summer long.  If you have kids, you won’t be able to resist the outstanding playgrounds, with bridges, tunnels, huge jungle gyms, all built on top of child-protectant rubber mats.  It’s an outstanding way to spend an April twilit evening.  And for those lucky enough to live nearby, an early morning walk in the park is the perfect way to start your day.

What Are You Waiting For?

There’s no greater joy for Pittsburghers than those first glorious days after winter breaks and spring floods the city—it’s hard to resist heading for the rooftop bars.  Oh, why resist!  The season is worth celebrating.  We’ll raise a glass for you, and hope that you’re here next year to celebrate with us.