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Point Breeze

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Homes along a Point Breeze street.

You may have read about Point Breeze in Chabon’s famous novel Wonder Boys, but let me assure you, aside from the occasional hopped-up professor, Point Breeze is a peaceful neighborhood with stately homes set back along tree-lined streets.

It’s centrally located to shopping in Squirrel Hill, Regent Square, and Shadyside. Whether its a birthday, anniversary, or just because it's Wednesday, go to Point Brugge Cafe for an excellent meal. It's Belgian-inspired menu features some of the best Moules Frites Pittsburgh has to offer. If mention of beer has piqued your interest, you may also consider stopping in the East End Brewing Company’s “Growler Hour” and sampling some of Scott’s latest creations. Growlers run about 10 bucks each for a refill, but hey, you’re supporting a good cause.

You can work off all those beers and frites at the Climbing Wall where Karl and Andrea have put up some of the most awesome bouldering routes you’ll get your hands (and feet) on. If your party days are behind you, but you still like to have fun, make Point Breeze your new home!


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