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Mount Washington

Mt Washington
Mt. Washington is much more than just a scenic overlook.

This is the usual vantage point for all those Pittsburgh skyline photos you see in Web sites and travel brochures.

But Mt. Washington is much more than an overlook and an incline destination—although the ride up the mountain in either one of the Port Authority’s inclines is well worth it. It’s also a secluded neighborhood attractive for street after street of cute little houses, the Shiloh Street business district offering all you need in a neighborhood- shops, bars, restaurants, and a library. And there is a lot of exciting new energy surrounding the new Grandview Scenic Byway city park and new development along Shiloh—including its first coffee shop. And don’t forget DiFiores delicious ice cream...

Mt. Washington is the neighborhood that takes you away from the hustle and bustle, for a quiet life on the bluff.


Mount Washington


Mt. Washington is home to many of Pittsburgh’s most romantic (though pricey) restaurants with beautiful views overlooking the city.

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