University of Pittsburgh

Highland Park

Highland Park
The fountain at the entrance of Highland Park.

Highland Park is a great option. It’s only about a ½ mile further than Shadyside, but it’s likely ½ the price for a comparable apartment. Rather than apartment buildings, many of the units are in duplexes or in old homes that have beautiful detail work (if the landlord hasn’t gutted the place). It’s quiet, convenient, tree-lined, and one of the few Pittsburgh neighborhoods that is still at least somewhat racially mixed.

Also, there are a few convenience stores, a nice coffee shop, and, of course, the namesake park. It may be that you’ll want a car if you live here. Friday and Saturday evening public transportation is not a reasonable option.

A great place for dog owners!






Average rents graduate students pay:
  • 1BR: $700, avg. utilities $30
  • 2BR: $720, avg. utilities $65


  • 500, 71A, 74B Highland Park