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Greenfield skyline
Greenfield skyline looking over downtown Pittsburgh.

Greenfield is a great medium for those wanting something a little more quiet than Oakland but still close enough to everything Pittsburgh has to offer. When I moved here, I was already familiar with most of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods, and I had some high hopes for where I’d live. I found that Greenfield exceeded all of my expectations.

It’s only a few miles from campus, and it is located on several bus lines. A grocery store is within walking distance, and all of South Side’s nightlife, Murray Avenue’s cool shops and restaurants, and Oakland’s academic and cultural facilities are just a few minutes away. I really love that I can rent half of a duplex house for only $400 per month, and that my community is safe and quiet. Plus, I’ve become friends with all of my neighbors! If you have children, this is a fantastic neighborhood for schools and you will be surrounded by lots of other families.

Greenfield seems to be overlooked when folks move to the area, but seriously—in terms of finding a new place to call home, you can’t beat this neighborhood.




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  • Buses to Oakland: 61C, 61F
  • Buses to Oakland and major shopping: 56U, 59U