University of Pittsburgh

Fall in Pittsburgh

Imagine Your Future

The nights get shorter, the wind blows brisker, and the trees shed their green, making way for coral, mustard, and flame. Years of heading back to school in the fall teach us that change begins in autumn. New classes, new teachers, new schools, new challenges—fall signals the start of something big.

How do you decide where to look for your future?  The University of Pittsburgh offers a world-class education in a huge number of graduate and professional fields—but that’s all stuff you can learn from your department or school of interest.

A Perfect Place

What you can’t learn from your department, though, is that Pittsburgh is the perfect place to go to school. There are dozens of neighborhoods of every stripe and character as close as a five-minute walk, or as far away as a half-hour bus ride. And with your Pitt student ID, you can ride public transit for FREE. Getting to school has never been easier—but you still have to write that personal statement.

Feels Like Home

What makes the University of Pittsburgh a great place to go to graduate school is that Pittsburgh is cheap, fun, and always revealing new charms. People come here from both coasts, places in between, and all over the world—and many stay because they discover that Pittsburgh feels like home. You love Central Park?  Schenley and Frick Parks cover just as much area, but feel farther away from the city. Rolling hills, wooded glens, dog walks, and unbelievable views of the sky can make you forget about all that reading you have to do for school.

You like to live in the center of things, down the street from coffee shops, bookstores, grocery stores, and beer?  So many neighborhoods answer to that description, you’ll have to roll a die to make up your mind where to live.

Food: Eating & Shopping

You don’t want to leave behind great pizza, that excellent noodle hut, or the cheapest, hottest Indian food?  You don’t have to, because Pittsburgh’s international profile is most obvious when you’re looking for a bite to eat.

Worried about your organic, vegan, or vegetarian diet?  The Food Co-op, city-sponsored farmers markets, Whole Foods Market, and dozens of neighborhoods health foods stores will keep surprising you for the range and quality of great food you can get right down the street where you live. There are even farms close enough to town that you can get farm-fresh produce delivered practically to your door. And the Strip District is stop number one on any tour of Cool Pittsburgh Places—from the French-fry laden sandwiches at Primanti Brothers, to the wholesale imported cheese counter at Pennsylvania Macaroni Company, to the outstanding baked goods at Enrico’s Biscotti Company, the Strip District is a food lover’s paradise.

Places to Play

What about things to do?  Sure—Pittsburgh has museums, galleries, a symphony, and the opera. But the best stuff is stuff you can’t find by following the corporate sponsors. Great music at the Club Café on the South Side…movies on Flagstaff Hill in the summertime…art flicks at Pittsburgh Filmmakers…you never know what’s going on at Future Tenant in the Cultural District…teams of ultimate Frisbee…the train layout at the Science Center…biking trails along the river…neighborhood bars (no driving required) with dollar drafts…live jazz (LOTS of places)…yoga at the Carnegie Library on Saturday mornings…and don’t forget Sunday Steeler games!  Whether you’re a sports fan or not, you’ll soon learn that the Black and Gold get almost as much reverence as the Red, White, and Blue.

Don’t Take Our Word For It—See For Yourself!

All the lists and web articles in the world can’t convince you that Pittsburgh is the perfect place for graduate school. But a visit here just might. Before you make your final decision, you’ll have to check out the city in person. Graduate students are eager to show others why coming here was the best decision they ever made.