University of Pittsburgh

Day in the Life of a Pitt Post Doc

Landon Locke

Kristin Butela

8:00 a.m.- This is our apartment in Squirrel Hill.  We love our neighborhood which is only 2 miles from the University of Pittsburgh. I am heading out to catch the bus after saying goodbye to my wife and 2 cats.

Coffee & Science

8:05 a.m- Here comes my bus.  It's a great and free way to get to work with my Pitt ID. At this point I am starting to think about what I need to do today in lab.  


8:25 a.m.- I arrive at my cubicle to check email and plan my day.  I love the view out my window especially in the morning.  


10:30 a.m.- I am preparing some lab equipment for a research study which will take place in the afternoon.

Photo of travel.

12 p.m.- I am having lunch at Tamarind which is a great Indian lunch buffet restaurant.  Luckily my wife is telecommuting today so she joins me.

Photo of travel.

1:30 p.m.-  I just completed an imaging study at the Nuclear Medicine Department at the University Hospital. It's fun to interact with patients and have the opportunity to use a clinical scanner.

Photo of travel.

3 p.m.- I am meeting with members of the University of Pittsburgh Postdoctoral Society.  We are putting together an agenda for when we meet with Pitt faculty members regarding issues that affect the lives of Pitt postdocs.

Photo of travel.

8 p.m.-  Besides work, it's important to leave the lab sometimes and check out what Pittsburgh has to offer.  Pittsburgh is a great city in terms of culture and music.  Tonight one of my favorites bands is playing on Carson St. so I gather some friends to eat sushi and check out the show.  


What Makes Pittsburgh a Great Place to Study?

  1. The universities here in Pittsburgh are highly ranked and made up of talented faculty and an incredible range of resources to conduct top notch science. Pitt was just ranked as the 4th best place in the nation for postdocs to work.
  2. The City of Pittsburgh offers a wide range of entertainment options from live theatre to music and unique outdoor activities like movies in the park.

  3. Pittsburgh is booming with start up companies especially in the medical technology field which creates unique job opportunities and collaborations.