University of Pittsburgh

Day in the Life of a Pitt Graduate Student

Follow a few Pitt grad students through a typical day in Pittsburgh, and see what they’ve got to say about the city in their own words:

Photo of Kristin Butela

Kristin Butela

Biological Scences
A day in the life of Kristin Butela.

Photo of Brad Golish

Brad Golish

Industrial Engineering
A day in the life of Brad Golish.

Photo of Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes

Religious Studies
A day in the life of Patrick Hughes.

Photo of Patrick Hughes

Landon Locke

Medicine - Post Doc
A day in the life of Landon Locke

Photo of Erick Tatro

Erick Tatro

Cellular and Molecular Pathology
A day in the life of Erick Tatro.