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Green Pittsburgh

If you think of smokestacks and steel mills when you think of Pittsburgh, you’ve got it all wrong.

When you think about the green movement, Pittsburgh is not the first city that springs to mind, of course. It may be hard to forget about those images of steel mills belching smoke into the sky, but the green movement is a vital and growing force in Pittsburgh.

The huge parks, designed to preserve green space and connect Pittsburghers to the outdoors, serve as the crown jewels of a city working to transform itself.

Pittsburgh’s Green Building Alliance pushes businesses and residents alike to consider green-building design, techniques, and materials in new construction and in renovations for reuse. There are buildings all over town testifying to the Alliance’s success; it’s hard to miss them, from PNC’s Firstside Center to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Bike enthusiasts, green-design advocates, and Chinese Dragon Boaters alike have a deep commitment to making Pittsburgh a greener city. These efforts are transforming our city. In May 2010 the League of American Bicyclists awarded its coveted "bike-friendly" status to Pittsburgh. The national bike lobbying group gave the city bronze-level recognition for its efforts to paint 13 miles of bike lanes and shared-lane markings, spread bike racks and educate cyclists and drivers on the importance of sharing the road. Many students choose to bike to Pitt and you'll even see staff and faculty members commuting with you. For efficient transportation on campus, it’s hard to beat the bike for convenience, economy, improving fitness, and relieving stress!

The industrial past is giving way to a sustainable and beautiful future.

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