University of Pittsburgh


If you’re bored in Pittsburgh, you’re just not paying attention.

Pittsburgh has all the high-priced options of bigger cities: an opera, a ballet, a symphony orchestra. Several larger theatres produce a full schedule of plays and musicals. Nearly all of these institutions have special programs for students.

The real cultural tapestry, however, is woven by smaller, high-quality groups that offer a dizzying range of options for very affordable prices. From venues like Club Café on the South Side, where music groups from across the country stop while on tour, to the Union Project on Penn Avenue, where local musicians, ceramacists, and playwrights have the opportunity to present their work, Pittsburgh is bristling with no- and low-cost entertainment options.

Aside from the live entertainment options, plenty of celluloid beckons. From the luxurious stadium seating at the Waterfront to the grittier venue at Regent Square Theatre owned by Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Pittsburgh plays host to the latest studio releases as well as film classics and award-winning indies.