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Food is fun, affordable, and easy to find.

Pittsburgh has always drawn in people from all over the world. During the Industrial Revolution, these new Pittsburghers hailed from places like Italy, Poland, Germany, and the Ukraine, and these cultures put their stamp on Pittsburgh’s homegrown cuisine. You might not know what pierogies are, or what kielbassa is, and you might be surprised to discover French fries on your sandwich if you visit a Primanti Brothers shop, but it's all part of what makes Pittsburgh food unique.

Pittsburgh continues to attract people from around the globe. Nearly every neighborhood has a Thai place, Mexican food is making inroads, and there’s a very large population of Indians living in and around town. The Udipi Cafe, out in Monroeville, serves absolutely authentic vegetarian South Indian cuisine!

Farmer’s Markets, sponsored by the city, put delicious fresh produce (and even eggs, cheese, and meat) within reach of the smallest student budget. The Strip District, a 20-plus-block series of specialty food shops and open-air markets, is an absolute must-see, and the place to get fine imported cheeses, cured meats, Mexican delicacies, and so much more, often at wholesale prices.

From the best burgers in town at Tessaro’s in Bloomfield, to the innovative Brillobox in Lawrenceville and Local Bar+Kitchen on the South Side, Pittsburgh is a place where food is fun, affordable, and easy to find.

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